Tennis Star Cardio

Tennis Star Cardio
Tennis Star Cardio

About This Affirmation

Tennis Affirmations you can listen to while you work out in the gym or on the tennis court.

Famed Tennis Coach Nick Saviano encourages tennis players to engage in positive self-talk. Read more here

Listened regularly, this recording helps you improve your positive tennis self-talk.

Runtime: 9 min 01 sec

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Tennis is a game of skill, emotion, and focus. Each of these elements is enhanced by confidence in your game. This affirmation infuses your mind with the belief you need to succeed with your tennis game.

The affirmation is ideal for players at all skill levels from first match to Federer. The cardio beat makes this recording perfect for listening while working out or warming up before a match. Repetition is the key to success with all affirmations. Listen to this affirmation regularly at first and then periodically as needed thereafter. Watch as the changes in your belief level translate to changes in your game on the court.

Empower your tennis game and unleash your inner tennis star today.

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