Tennis Star Affirmation

Tennis Star Affirmation (Exercise version)
Tennis Star Affirmation (Exercise version)

About This Affirmation

Runtime: 9:01

Power up your mind to power up your tennis game. Unlike team sports where there are teammates to pick us up when we make mistakes, tennis is an individual game. Wining is a combination of athleticism, strategy, and mindset.

This affirmation, set to a driving and pulsing piece of music, will infuse your mind with the confidence you need to step on the court and own it.

Famed Tennis Coach Nick Saviano encourages tennis players to engage in positive self-talk. Read more here

Listened regularly, this recording helps you improve your positive tennis self-talk.

The affirmation repeats more than 20 times during the recording. The phrases "Tennis Star" and "Great Tennis Player" echo in the background for added impact.

The Affirmation:

I am a great tennis player! I am a great tennis player! I am a great tennis player and I get better and better each and every day!

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