33 Softball Affirmations

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Softball is a popular game played by more than 30 million people. While athleticism is certainly needed, the best players are the one who believe in their abilities and execute on the field by using mind to think ahead.

Sports and affirmations are a natural combination. Athletes want to perform. The mental component - what some have called the inner game - are central to sports success.

Here are some affirmations for all you softball players out there! Remember repetition and belief are the two factors in affirmation success.

  1. A great softball player lives within me! Today that player takes the the field.
  2. I am a great softball player! I am a great softball player! I am a great softball player!
  1. A great pitcher lives within me! Today that pitcher takes the mound.
  2. I am a great pitcher! I am a great pitcher! I am a great pitcher!
  3. When I'm on the mound I am relaxed and in complete control.
  4. When I bring my 'A' game I'm practically unhittable. I always bring my 'A' game!
  5. My fastball overpowers hitters.
  6. My curve ball baffles hitters.
  7. When I throw my rise ball, it's swing and miss.
  8. My drop ball always gets me out of tough situations
  9. My change up fools one hitter after another.
  10. I visualize strike three. I throw strike three. I get strike three
  11. I am the best pitcher on this team and this year it shows on the field!
  12. I am the closer on this team. I always slam the door shut on our opponents!
  13. I can succeed with any of my pitches anywhere in the count!
  1. When my team needs the big hit, I always come through!
  2. A great hitter lives within me! Today that hitter shows up at home plate.
  3. I am a great hitter! I am a great hitter! I am a great hitter
  4. I am a great clutch hitter. I thrive on driving in the big runs!
  5. Game after game my batting average is rising!
  6. This year I am hitting the ball with more authority than ever before!
  7. When I'm at the plate I am relaxed and in complete control!
  8. I am the toughest out this pitcher will face all day!
  9. I am a great home run hitter!
  10. When I get on base I make things happen for my team!
  1. I am a great catcher! I have a rocket arm built for throwing out runners!
  2. A great first baseman lives within me! Today that first baseman takes the field!
  3. I am a great second baseman! I am a great second baseman! I am a great second baseman and I get better and better each and every day!
  4. I am a great shortstop! I make tough double plays look like a breeze!
  5. I am great third baseman! Nothing gets between me and the foul line. My glove sucks balls up like a vacuum sweeper.
  6. A great left fielder lives within me! Today that left fielder takes the field!
  7. I am a great center fielder! I have the speed and the instincts to make amazing plays in the gaps!
  8. I am a great right fielder! My arm is strong and getting stronger. Runners better not run on me!
Keep swinging for the fences!


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