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"Winning is not everything, but wanting to win is."

~ Vince Lombardi

As a real estate professional, you help facilitate peoples' dreams. You help the young family buy their dream home or the older couple downsize to the house they need. It's a great career, but it's a tough job sometimes.

The affirmations on this page help to keep you motivated to help your clients and succeed for you and your family.

Remember repetition is key to the success of affirmations. Use them in the morning, on the way to that big showing, in the evening, or at other times during the week.

  • I am more than a real estate agent. I am matchmaker for home buyers and their dream home!
  • I always find the right property at the right moment.
  • The right clients are coming my way.
  • Where ever I look today, I see opportunity.
  • I am a great negotiator. I get deals done!
  • I am a great real estate agent and I get better and better each and every day!
  • I am an amazing real estate agent and this month it shows in my sales!"
  • When I out-plan and and out-work my competition, I out-sell my competition.
  • I am a great realtor! I don't sell homes. I sell dreams!
  • Winners always find a way and I am a winner!
  • When the market is hot, I am amazing. When the market is cold, I am still amazing.
  • Today I earn my clients' trust with every action I take.
  • Today and every day, I remember to ask for referrals.
  • I build my skills to build my business
  • When I'm not with clients, I'm finding clients
  • The value I bring is building my word-of-mouth.
  • I put my sales first by putting my clients first
  • Today I listen to my clients better than ever.