109 Affirmations for American Football

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Thought for Today:

"Confidence is contagious. So is a lack of confidence."
~ Vince Lombardi

American Football RunningFollowing are 109 football affirmations for every position on the field and some general, team, and coaching affirmations, as well.

If you use these affirmations, I strongly recommend recording them along with music you find inspiring. Listen, listen, listen and these words will become part of you and part of your execution on game day.


  1. We work together as a team. We win together as a team. The more we focus on the team. The more success we achieve.
  2. We are a cohesive unit on the field and off the field.
  3. When we take the field we expect to win.
  4. We hit the weight room with the goal of being stronger and faster than our opponents.

  5. General

  6. I am a winner. I look like a winner. I act like a winner. I think like a winner.
  7. I play a key part each and every day in making my team the best it can be.
  8. I am committed to my exercise program. I am stronger and faster than my opponents.
  9. I thrive on pressure situations they only up my game.
  10. My body and my mind are operating at peak efficiency on game day.
  11. I am visualizing touchdowns and victory for my team and me.
  12. I am creating success for my teammates, my coaches, our fans, and myself today.

  13. Quarterback

  14. I am a great quarterback and getting better by the day.
  15. I am the team leader on the field. My teammates look to me when the going gets tough.
  16. My arm is strong and accurate and getting more so each and every day.
  17. I always put the ball where only my receivers can catch it.
  18. I can make any throw on the football field.
  19. I make good reads and good decisions.
  20. I trust my offensive line and they give me the protection I need to complete passes.
  21. I always find the open receiver.
  22. I have a knack for making big plays.
  23. I improve my footwork each and every day.
  24. I am throwing fewer and fewer interceptions.
  25. My quarterback rating rises each and every game.
  26. My pass completion percentage gets higher and higher.
  27. I make good decisions when I run the option. My decisions maximize yardage and minimize mistakes.
  28. I thrive on pressure situations they only up my game.
  29. I am the nextů (favorite quarterback)

  30. Running Back

  31. I am a great running back and getting better every day.
  32. I am great tailback and I get better and better every day.
  33. I am a great fullback and I get better and better each and every day.
  34. I am quicker and quicker each and every day.
  35. I am stronger and stronger each and every day.
  36. I am patient and wait for my blockers to create holes and then I accelerate to daylight.
  37. I get the tough yards up the middle when my team needs them.
  38. I make a habit of breaking big plays.
  39. I expect to find a running lane and always find one.
  40. One tackler never brings me down.
  41. I always lean forward for the extra yard before I go down.
  42. I am improving my receiving skills each and every day. I am a double threat on the field.
  43. My yards per carry improves each and every game.
  44. I bounce to the outside and accelerate when the middle is jammed.
  45. My vision is awesome. I see the whole field.

  46. Receiver

  47. I am a great receiver and getting better by the day.
  48. I run perfect routes. My cuts are sharp and precise
  49. I am quicker and quicker each and every day.
  50. I always find an open space.
  51. I have great hands. I make the easy catches and the spectacular catches.
  52. I have great hands. I catch every ball I can touch.
  53. I pride myself on my blocking skills and they get better each and every day.
  54. I turn short catches into big plays.
  55. When I get behind the defense it's six points. No one can catch me.

  56. Offensive line

  57. I am a great blocker and I get better each and every day.
  58. My first step is quick. I knock people off the ball.
  59. Nobody gets to my quarterback on my watch.
  60. I choose to be the leader of the offensive line. We are a cohesive unit.
  61. I work well with my teammates to make good reads and get everyone blocked.
  62. I maintain my blocks on running plays to open holes for my running backs.
  63. I improve my footwork each and every day.
  64. When I hit the weights I am stronger. When I am stronger I am better.
  65. I hustle down the field to make a second and third block to spring my running backs.
  66. I work hard in the weight room and I am getting stronger every day.

  67. Defensive line

  68. I am a great defensive lineman and getting better by the day.
  69. My first step is too quick for an offensive lineman.
  70. I work hard in the weight room and I am getting stronger every day.
  71. I create havoc my opponent's backfield.
  72. I clog the running lanes and give my linebackers a chance to make tackles.
  73. I get my hands up to knockdown or deflect passes when I cannot get to the quarterback.

  74. Linebackers

  75. I am a great linebacker and getting better each and every day.
  76. I am always around the tackle. I have a nose for the football.
  77. When I blitz, I always find the quickest route to the quarterback.
  78. I am determined and focused when I drop into coverage.
  79. I am fast and getting faster every day. No one gets wide on me!

  80. Defensive backs

  81. I am a great cornerback and getting better every day.
  82. I stick to my receiver like glue. They are not going to complete passes to my side of the field.
  83. I thrive on the opportunity to cover the top receivers.
  84. I can shut down the other team's top receiver.
  85. I read the receiver and the quarterback. I react to the ball with lightening speed.
  86. I am a great safety and getting better every day.
  87. I pride myself on shutting down the run and the pass.
  88. I have a nose for the ball and I am always around the tackle.

  89. Kickers

  90. I am a great kicker and getting better every day.
  91. I see every kick I attempt splitting the uprights.
  92. I love pressure kicks. The pressure makes me even more accurate.
  93. Go ahead call a time out to ice me. I am more accurate after a timeout.
  94. My leg is strong and getting stronger every day. My range is increasing each and every day.

  95. Punters

  96. I am a great punter and getting better every day.
  97. My leg is strong and getting stronger every day. My distance is increasing every day.
  98. My punts always have great hang time.
  99. I am always pinning the other team deep in its territory with punts.
  100. I love pressure kicks. The pressure makes me kick it farther.
  101. I shut down the return game by not allowing returns.

  102. Special teams

  103. When I return a kick it's just me and the end zone. My goal is to bring back every kick.
  104. I am impossible to tackle in the open field one on one.
  105. I am impossible to block in the open field.
  106. I always expect to find my wall. When I find it I accelerate to the end zone.

  107. Coach

  108. I am a great coach and getting better every day.
  109. I am a great motivator. I get the absolute most out of all my players.
  110. I am the leader of this team and I always conduct myself like the leader.
  111. I must a credible leader before I can be an incredible leader.
  112. My decisions are final, but my willingness to learn never stops.
  113. Big games make big coaches. I live for the big games.
  114. I make the right calls at the right time during a game.
  115. My assistant coaches are prepared on game day. They make the right calls at the right time.
  116. I use the right players in the right situations.
  117. My team is prepared and our execution is sharp.
  118. Every opponent has flaws and it's my job to find them.
  119. I am flexible enough to adapt my game plan to the needs of the game situation. My team makes the key adjustments.
  120. I always expect to win. My team always expects to win.

Follow your bliss! Experience your bliss! Become your bliss!


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