Energy Boost Affirmation

Energy Boost<br>Affirmation
Energy Boost
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About This Affirmation

Run time:: 15:28

Light and energy are universal symbols of healing. This affirmational meditation invites you to envision your entire being filled with that healing light and energy.

The first half of the recording is a second person version of the affirmation to draw the light and energy into your being. The second half is is a first person version of the affirmation allowing you to claim the light and energy.

This recording makes a great start to your day and also gives you that energy boost in the middle of the day.

Encoded into the upbeat music are Binaural beats designed to generate theta brain-waves which will help make the affirmations reach and stay in the subconscious to make effective and profound changes easier.

The Affirmation

  • First person: I am filled with radiant light and energy!
  • Second person: You are filled with radiant light and energy!

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