Affirmations for Cosmetologists

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Thought of the Day

"Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror."

~ Khalil Gibran

Anything can be affirmed. A few years ago, I asked my Twitter followers suggest careers they would like me to write some affirmations about and post here on the blog. Several people requested Cosmetology.

In 2008, I Googled "cosmetology affirmations" and got no results. As far as I can tell, this was the first attempt to write affirmations for this career. So, today we have affirmations for cosmetologists.

  1. I practice beauty on myself and I perfect beauty on my customers.
  2. I am a great hair stylist and today my work proves it.
  3. When it comes to hair, I am a creative genius.
  4. Cosmetology is my passion and following that passion brings me success!
  5. Today I visualize a successful beauty shop and tomorrow it is mine!
  6. I earn my clients' business by exceeding their expectations!
  7. Beauty is my business and  I am beautiful from the inside out.
  8. I make the ___ minutes spent in my chair, the best minutes of my customer's day.
  9. I am a beauty expert. I exude beauty. I teach beauty. I share beauty.
  10. While others do nails, I create nail trends!
  11. A head of hair is my canvass and I am an amazing artist!
  12. I am a great stylist. My styles are attracting real buzz. I am in high demand.
  13. I am a Hollywood stylist in the making!
  14. My styles are destined for the covers of magazines!
  15. A satisfied customer is my greatest reward.
  16. I am am a great make up artist on my way to being world-class!
  17. I am a world-class hair stylist! My cuts are fresh and innovative!
  18. I am destined to be a hairdresser to the stars!
Thanks to @JcutstheMaster for inspiring some bonus affirmations for this blog.
  1. When I connect with my customers, I retain my customers.
  2. I succeed by helping my customers look great!
  3. My customers rely on me to make them look good and I always come through!
  4. I build relationships of trust with my clients. They buy me, not the haircut.
  5. My business is making people look good. When they look good, I look good.

Follow your bliss. Experience your bliss. Become your bliss.

Ray Davis is the founder of The Affirmation Spot. He's spent more than 25 years studying personal development and especially writing, recording, and using affirmations to achieve his goals. His eBook - The Power to Be You - offers 416 life-changing and original quotes, ideas, and affirmations to take you to new levels of achievement and reflection.

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