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Ray Davis, Founder of the Affirmation Spot, is a writer, thinker, and modern-day philosopher committed to helping people create a positive vision for their individual lives and and the future of humanity.

He is the author of the eBook The Power to Be You and the novel Anunnaki Awakening: Revelation, book one of a coming trilogy.

Lifelong Kansas City residents, Ray and his wife, April, recently took on a new challenge by moving to Boston. They love to travel - especially to Hawaii.

Ray has been writing, recording, and using his own affirmations for more than 25 years.

Combining his extensive studies of personal development and the world's spiritual traditions with his writing ability and background in corporate training and coaching, Ray is a master of providing insight and motivation to other people. He was once dubbed "The Affirmation King of Twitter" by another motivational teacher.

Ray motivates and inspires thousands every day through his social media reach, blog, website, eBooks, and email list.

"I've tasted defeat and I've tasted victory. I believe I have something to share about how we - individually and collectively - can create a happier, more successful world where every single person can live his or her fullest expression and "follow their bliss".

My approach to positive thinking is both spiritual and practical. By that I mean, that I include worthy wisdom and ideas, whatever their source, and I promote the development of both the personal and professional aspects of the individual.

My work and writing is influenced by the famous mythologist Joseph Campbell, well-known motivational teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer, and many others. However, the crux of my passion, purpose, and philosophy is found in my own journey and experience."

The Affirmation Spot Story

"Personal development is not about spending a weekend working with a guru," says Ray Davis, Founder of The Affirmation Spot, "Personal development is about spending every day working with yourself. It's a journey of setbacks and successes. It's loving, learning, and loving the learning along the way."

Since 1990, Ray has experienced rock bottom and the heights of professional and personal success. At 25, he laid in hospital bed barely alive. His life was a mess - debt, failing career, failing relationships, and now a newly diagnosed chronic condition - Addison's Disease.

"This was not how I was supposed to end up. I knew I had this amazing spark, this unlimited potential within me. I'd known that from a young age. Yet, there I was laying in a hospital bed hanging on to life at 25. Every cell of my body hurt. I couldn't eat, drink, or stand. I weighed 96 pounds on 5'9" frame. I was heart-broken that I was in this situation, while my friends were outside those hospital walls embarking on their lives. I was ready to move on to what was next. I wanted to die. I wanted to escape. Escape the physical pain, the emotional burden, escape the whole situation."

There is a light that shines within us that can transform every doubt and fear, if only we allow it.

"Then, in the depth of those anguishing moments, something happened. I made a decision. I began to visualize myself beyond that situation and enjoying the life I wanted."

"A determination built up within me that this was not how I was going out. From that moment, my trajectory changed. I had been diagnosed with Addison's Disease and would have to live with it, but I also had a second chance at life. After 12 weeks in the hospital, I emerged ready to begin again. This time it would be different. I would be different."

Ray spent the next few years restoring some baseline normalcy to his life and voraciously exploring personal development and spiritual teachings spanning time and culture. He absorbed and applied the ideas that made sense and began building a momentum for success in his life. He began using affirmations as a primary tool to shift his thinking.

"I would record 90-minute cassette tapes of affirmations and listen to them when I went to bed at night. I found that using first and second-person versions of the affirmations was the most effective technique. I let the recordings play all night and very soon the affirmations began to appear in my mind as a response to the negative thinking that had plagued me."

"As my thinking shifted, I noticed how the circumstances in my life began to align with my new, more positive outlook. The right people, the right opportunities, the right ideas seemed to appear in my life right when I needed them. I soon began to see that life is a tapestry set to respond to our expectations of it. Even the imperfections, the challenges, and the chaos seemed to fit perfectly within the fabric of the life I was creating. There are no accidents!"

Eventually, I was strong enough and confident enough to see that life happened THROUGH me, not TO me. I had a say and my say was that I was going to make the most of my opportunities. Joseph Campbell's admonition to "Follow your bliss" became my motto."

"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls."
~ Joseph Campbell

Ray's career picked up. His relationships improved. He met his soulmate, April. They married in 2000 and he became a step-dad. He worked to meet the new challenge of balancing the demands of the every day world with the truths he'd discovered on his trip through the valley of struggle. He wanted to share his ideas, experiences, and the hope they had generated with the people around him that he saw suffering under the burdens of their own thinking.

After Ray and April's first trip to Hawaii in 2007, Ray has a vision that would become this website. His goal was to spread his ideas, insights, and hope to those across the happiness and success spectrum. He has worked to craft a message that speaks to the highly successful working to achieve that next level, to those who are experiencing the despair of rock bottom, and everyone in between.

Today he inspires thousands of people every day through social media, his email list, his blog, this website, his ebook, and other avenues. He was once dubbed "The Affirmation King of Twitter" by another motivational teacher. He remains committed to shifting paradigms, inspiring action, and helping others reach their potential. To that end, he is working on new products and resources to give his readers and clients tips, tools, and motivation to more their lives to the next level. -

CONCEIVE ... BELIEVE ... ACHIEVE ... Health ...Wealth ... Happiness ... Peace

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