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Ray Davis, Founder of the Affirmation Spot, is a writer, thinker, and modern-day philosopher committed to helping people create a positive vision for their individual lives and and the future of humanity.

We human beings think between 12,000 and 60,000 thoughts per day. Researchers indicate that a very high percentage of these thoughts are negative and a similarly high percentage are the same thoughts we had yesterday.

The principle behind affirmations is simple. Affirmations are a thought replacement tool. They help you become conscious of the thoughts you're thinking and replace habitually negative thoughts with habitually positive ones. Thoughts spark feelings and feelings change the energy of eery encounter you have with every situation in your life.

The duel engines of affirmations are repetition and belief. Your negative thoughts have been working on you for a long time and saying or listening to affirmations does not instantly change them. You have to give the positive thoughts time to sink in. The process is very similar to an exercise program. At first the exercise hurts, then it feels good, then it transforms your body. Affirmations do the same for the mind.

Ray created this website in 2007 and began offering downloadable MP3 affirmations, drawing on his 20 years experience in writing, home recording, and using affirmations to work miracles in his own life. Thousands of people around the world have downloaded, used and loved Ray's mp3 affirmations.

From the beginning he had three simple goals:

1) Write powerful affirmations that have a real impact for people.
2) Make the affirmations affordable for everyone.
3) Provide the affirmations in an easy-to-use mp3 format.

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Five Days to Understanding Your Thinking

Perhaps somewhere there is a Universe where your thoughts don't impact your outcomes, but it is not the Universe we live in!

When you go to see a doctor he or she performs a number of routine tests. Typically, the doctor takes your temperature, takes your blood pressure, looks into your eyes, ears, nose, and throat, and listens to your heart and lungs.

While not an extensive exam, these routine measures provide the doctor with a sense of your general health.

What about your mind? Is there anyway to get a general measure of your mind's health? All the great sages in history have encouraged people to pay attention to their minds and their thoughts. They didn't live in the 21st century! Many people today are so busy that they fall into the habit of letting the mind go on autopilot.

We take the inputs the world gives us - media, government, religion, others' opinions - but we often fail to critically evaluate how those ideas and information are impacting our thinking. And, as I have discussed previously, our thoughts are the filters that generate habits, beliefs, and actions.

When they go unexamined for long periods of time we can drift a long way off our intended course. Like a plastic bottle bobbing on the ocean, we may suddenly awake to find ourselves far from shore.

There are some really low-tech ways to get a handle on what your mind is doing. There is no hope for change or adjustment until there is awareness.

Are you negative about what you can or cannot accomplish? Are you judgmental of others? Are you cynical? Do you want to find out?

Try one of the following each day this coming work week.
  • Monday - keep a little tick sheet handy and keep track of the number of times your mind tells you that you cannot do something. For an added degree of analysis, determine the reason you gave yourself for the negative belief. Track it all day long and see how many negative thoughts go through your head in a day.
  • Tuesday - keep a little tick sheet and see how many times you judge others in a day. You might judge them for how they drive, how they look, how they talk, or the things they do. This is not an exercise to judge you for judging, but simply a way to recognize how often you do it.
  • Wednesday - concentrate on the sources of information that are coming into your mind from radio, tv, other people, the Internet. Give some thought to how what you mentally consume each day is impacting your happiness. Keep a negative and positive tick sheet to capture the percentage of negative to positive data entering your mind.
  • Thursday - Write down three goals you'd like achieve in the next year on a piece of paper. Lay your pen down and listen to the thoughts that come to your mind. Don't respond just listen. Are your immediate reactions to your goals and your ability to achieve them positive or negative. Right down your initial responses next to each goal.
  • Friday - after four days of this, you need some positive. Today tick mark each positive thing, person, or experience you encounter. Don't forget to count opening your eyes for a new day as one. Go out of your way to "smell the flowers", if you have to. Become aware of how many good things there are around you every day.

At the end of the week, you will have a much better sense of what is going through your mind all day long every day. You will have "taken your mind's temperature" and evaluated its general health. You will definitely have awareness, but what will you do with it?

Stay inspired!


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